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Samsung starts mass production of 3nm chips 3nm chips by Samsung Samsung today announced the start of mass production of 3-nanometer chips. "Samsung Electronics today announces the launch of a 3nm process technology using Gate-All-Around transistor architecture,” the official press release said According to Samsung Electronics, the first generation of 3nm chips compared to 5nm... 01/07/2022
Artificial Intelligence chip by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Chip The modern electronics market has already approached the point where many users will change their mobile phone once a year, getting a new, more powerful and functional device. This is a direct consequence of the fact that the design of mobile phones, tablets and laptops does not provide for the possibility of upgr... 30/06/2022
Taiwanese silicon wafer maker announces plans to invest $5 billion to build US plant GlobalWafers Co, a Taiwanese manufacturer of silicon wafers for chip fabrication, announced plans to invest $5 billion (267 billion rubles) to build a plant in the United States, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday. Amid a global chip shortage, GlobalWafers has decided to help the US reduce dependence on chip imports, the Taiwane... 29/06/2022
Artificial intelligence scale of the human brain Chinese scientists have created what they call a "human-brain-scale artificial intelligence model" based on one of their latest supercomputers powered by Sunway processors. The scientists claim that the 174 trillion parameter AI model can be used for applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to scientific research. The Sunway OceanLight s... 28/06/2022
Sales of electric vehicles in Russia increased by 65% The Avtostat agency reports that in the period from January to May of this year, 1,119 new electric vehicles were sold in Russia, which is 65% more than the same period last year. To date, the most popular model is the Tesla Model Y. From January to May, 248 Tesla electric vehicles were delivered to Russia, while the company does not official... 27/06/2022
Angstrem started mass production of 1454CA series of comparators Angstrem JSC has completed the process of approval of technical specifications in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for a series of domestic analog comparators 1454CA to replace imported analogs MAX9691 from Maxim Integrated and AD9696, AD9698 from Analog Devices. The approval of the TU allows Angstrem to start seri... 24/06/2022
Russian scientists have invented the protection of satellites from space debris Roscosmos and TsNIIMash specialists have patented a device to protect the spacecraft from micrometeoroids and space debris. The relevant document is posted on the website of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property. The abstract explains that neighboring combs are displaced relative to each other so that for any direction of approach of ... 23/06/2022
US sanctions spurred the Chinese semiconductor industry According to Bloomberg, after the US imposed sanctions on Chinese companies (in particular, Huawei and Hikvision), the local chip industry began to grow faster than anywhere else in the world: based on data for the last four quarters, 19 out of 20 the world's fastest growing chip manufacturing companies are Chinese. Beijing is expected to... 22/06/2022
China successfully conducted air tests for the first unmanned transport aircraft According to online sources, the first flight tests of the transport unmanned aerial vehicle TP500 have passed in China. The development of the aircraft was carried out by specialists from the First Aviation Institute of China. The device was in the air for 27 minutes and functioned flawlessly throughout the flight. Developed by the first avi... 21/06/2022
Roselectronics will become a participant in the experiment on labeling radio electronics Ruselectronics holding of the Rostec State Corporation is ready to become a participant in the experiment on marking radio-electronic products, which is planned to be launched in Russia from July 1, 2022. The corresponding agreement was signed today on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum between the company and the A... 20/06/2022
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