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China announces plans to launch over 200 spacecraft in 2023 The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation plans to launch more than 60 launch vehicles and put more than 200 spacecraft into orbit in 2023, Xinhua said on Thursday, citing a report from the corporation. In particular, this year the corporation will launch three spacecraft to deliver astronauts and cargo to the Chinese space stati... 20/01/2023
Rostec has manufactured the first serial high-capacity gas turbine for Udarnaya TPP Rostec United Engine Corporation has manufactured the first serial gas turbine GTD-110M. The unit has been successfully tested at the Ivanovskie CCGT and will be delivered to the Udarnaya TPP in the Krasnodar Territory. Since 2024, it is planned to produce two such power plants annually. The gas turbine was manufactured by the UEC-Saturn ente... 19/01/2023
Bloomberg: India cannot replace China as global electronics factory India's ability to replace Chinese electronics factories appears limited, Bloomberg writes on Friday, citing experts interviewed. Under pressure from the US authorities, Western manufacturers of high-tech goods are seeking to find sites for the production of goods outside of China, in particular, in India. For example, Apple announced its... 16/01/2023
Russia may launch passenger hydrogen trains as early as 2025 Already in 2025, the first hydrogen trains will be launched in Russia. According to Kommersant, Rusatom Overseas, Russian Railways and Transmashholding have taken up a project to launch hydrogen fuel cell trains. They intend to put the first trains into operation at the end of 2025. Given the current situation in the country, the design of... 13/01/2023
World's first 8K laser TV unveiled At CES 2023, Hisense introduced and demonstrated ULED X, Mini LED, and other display technologies, and unveiled the world's first 8K laser TV. This 120-inch 8K laser TV, the company said, shows that the Hisense 8K laser display has matured from technology demonstration to commercial products, and has become another breakthrough in display... 12/01/2023
Taiwan Passes Tax Relief Law for Innovative Semiconductor Manufacturers Lawmakers in Taiwan have approved new rules that allow local chip makers to claim a 25% tax deduction on annual R&D spending, Bloomberg reported on Monday. In addition, companies are entitled to a deduction of 5% on the annual cost of purchasing new equipment for the production of advanced semiconductor products. Earlier, the US and EU cou... 11/01/2023
Qualcomm will implement satellite communications support in its chips Qualcomm and satellite operator Iridium Communications are working together to bring satellite connectivity to their Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship processors. The partnership comes months after Apple introduced a similar feature that allows emergency messages to be sent via satellite. According to insiders, users will be able to exchange mes... 10/01/2023
Qi2 unified wireless charging standard announced at CES At CES in Las Vegas, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) announced the approval of a new Qi2 standard based on MagSafe magnetic charging developed by Apple. It is reported that Qi2 aims to bring the industry together and provide convenient and efficient charging for mobile and wearable devices. Apple, as a member of the WPC, laid the groun... 09/01/2023
Protective diodes from Sunmate Electronics Co., Ltd Sunmate Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech semiconductor diode R&D and manufacturing company founded in 2010. Sunmate products are exported to all parts of China and Southeast Asian countries. In order to enter the international market, the company has successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The ... 07/01/2023
Sound emitters manufactured by JL World JL World is a Chinese manufacturer of acoustic electronic components, founded in 2000 in Hong Kong. The company specializes in the production of electromagnetic transducers, piezoelectric elements, micro-speakers, transceivers and microphones, and has established itself as a reliable supplier for a long time. Sound emitters create a clearly d... 06/01/2023
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