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Alldatasheet. Where to get it and how to use it?

In the speech of people associated with electronics, there is a phrase: "You need to look at the datasheet. What is meant and where to get the notorious datasheet? First, If you need to buy electronic components, then use our search on the site.

First page of the datasheet

After the document is downloaded to the computer, you need to open the datasheet. What is it contains, what should I pay attention to first of all?

You should start from the first page.It provides information that emphasizes the uniqueness of a particular device, such as a wide frequency range, reduced power consumption, low dark current. The start page of the technical specification contains:

1.component properties (features);

2.description (description/general description) ; configuration in the form of a table or diagram (pin configuration).

It should be noted that the information provided is not always enough, so you should not completely trust it. Answers to emerging questions should be sought in the relevant sections of the document. The purpose of the first page is to give an idea about it, that is, to tell what it is. The datasheet of the transistor is small compared to a similar document for microcircuits, so information about its parameters and connection is immediately indicated on the first page.


Document content of Alldatasheet

Most often, users ask about the datasheet: "What is it and how to read it?" While the first question has been addressed, the second is yet to be explored. Electronic engineers pay attention to the following sections of the document.

Describes the purpose of each pin of a microcircuit or transistor. The designer is interested in pins labeled Vcc and GND. The first of them is designed to supply the supply voltage (most often +5 V), the second - to connect the "ground". Microcontrollers may have several of these pins. Their location depends on the enclosure type (PDIP/TQFP/ MLF).

Device diagram (Block Diagram). Displays the internal content of the component. For example, for a microcontroller, the memory, clock frequency generator, and I/O ports are shown.

Switching scheme (Circuit Schematic). Defines a typical device connection. In practice, the circuits differ from those given in the documentation, since in each case a microcircuit or a transistor is part of a complex electronic device, in which all its components must be taken into account. Temperature and electrical parameters. These values ​​are presented in the form of graphs showing the dependence of one parameter on another.

Final Recommendations

A novice developer of electronic equipment does not always understand how to read a datasheet, what a device diagram is and why a pinout is needed. Nevertheless, it is recommended to read the reference materials when developing a new instrument or repairing equipment that has failed.


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